The lack of time is a factor that affects and hinders the lives of many professionals. Usually leaders of large companies or small business owners have to deal daily with this problem, and the little time that remains ends up being filled with work activities. Lack of time has a profound impact on the individual’s quality of life sincenegative outcomes such as stress, fatigue, lack of productivity, poor diet, lack of exercise, and relationship problems with friends, family, and spouse are common and frequent.

On the other hand, people often confuse lack of time with lack of organization. As much as professionals try to keep busy throughout their workday, they will be unproductive if they don’t know how to effectively manage their tasks, causing painful consequences for their lives, as described below:

Impact on work activities:
Many professionals without a good task control are faced with some spare time during office hours. Since they are not organized, they unconsciously feel the need to fill that free time with work tasks, even if they aresimple tasks and not urgent. Some people even use their lunch time to be busy with work. This creates great stress and fatigue, as the individual thinks that they never have enough time in the day, and begin feeling unproductive.

Impact on quality of life:
People with the lack of time suffer a huge drop in their quality of life. Since they are always full ofwork, they don’t have time to concentrate on more important issues and end up losing focus, failing to achieve the expected results. A great idea is to have an efficient time management tool in order to perform routine taskswith greater excellence and in a timely basis so that you individual can regain focus on strategic issues.

Impact on physical health:
Physical health is severely impaired for professionals with the lack of time. Aspects such as diet and physical exercise are affected because the individual with no time ends up eating fast food and other unhealthy snacks, and does not seek to practice physical activity, such as working out. A poor diet combined with physical inactivity causes serious consequences to health.

Impact on mental health:
Mental health is also greatly affected, because the person spends most of their day thinking about work,damaging the relationships with the people around them, including their coworkers. Since they are always verybusy, they put aside their personal life and have no time for leisure, friends, or family. But the individual himself is the one who suffers the most, gradually being captured by depressing thoughts and questioning their ownidentity.

Impact on productivity:
Despite seeming contradictory, the lack of time directly affects the productivity of a person’s work. That is,people who work a lot and do not have time for anything else, generally do not produce with the quality that they could produce if they had an effective task control. The individual performs a task quickly, already thinking automatically about the next task and so forth, losing a lot of work quality .

A large part of the problem of people’s shortage of time is their lack of time management. With properorganization, control ,and effective management of tasks, professionals will perform their tasks with morequality, motivation, on time, and have great gains in productivity and in quality of life. There is an excellent tool for this, an online task manager called ZPM, which assists in time management and the administration of tasks.

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