A Brook Lopez Threemaggedon is the Absolute Worst

Another in a semi-regular, somewhat negative series of recaps of the previous evening’s Milwaukee Bucks game, whether I happen to watch it or not.

Last night, Brook Lopez, talented basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets, made approximately 8,000 3 point shots on 8,001 3 point attempts. The box score will tell you that he went 6 of 10 from beyond the arc, but this is incorrect. I saw it with my own eyes and it was definitely closer to eight thousand than it was to six.

Brook Lopez is a center, but he is a decent three point shooter (34.4%) and he has taken a lot of them (262 this year, which is 231 more than he attempted in his entire career prior to the 2016–17 season). He appears to be evolving with the new NBA in which even the second coming of Shaquille O’Neill would be asked to take at least four 3PA a game.

However, against the Bucks, Brook Lopez, decent and developing sharp shooter, became Reggie freaking Miller. So as much as I enjoyed watching the Bucks beat a clearly inferior team in an entertaining and fast paced game, I still had to endure that moment when Lopez got the ball behind the arc with no defender within five feet of him, knowing he would make that shot like he was Klay Thompson or something. That’s why the Brook Lopez Threemaggedon was the absolute worst.