Kyrie Irving is the Absolute Worst

Another in a semi-regular and semi-negative recaps of the previous evening’s Milwaukee Bucks game, whether I happen to watch it or not.

Monday night’s game featured two teams not quite at full strength. The Bucks were missing two thirds of the (hopefully) future Big Three, with Jabari Parker out for at least a year and Khris Middleton not making the trip to Cleveland with the team. Cleveland remains without Kevin Love and JR Smith. In addition, LeBron James played with a bout of strep throat.

Even after the game started, the Bucks lost Michael Beasley after his knee bent in a way knees shouldn’t bend. It was a bad break for the Bucks, as Beasley agressively got to the rim and looked impressive before leaving the game.

Despite the absence of some marquee players, the game remained entertaining and close. Throughout the third quarter it was a back and forth affair. But then Kyrie Irving put on his own little 5–0 run towards the end of the 4th Quarter, and the Cavs pretty much iced it away. The Bucks made a valiant run in the last minute, but couldn’t pull of the miracle.

The two teams played an entertaining overtime affair back in December, a game the Cavs eventually won. It seemed like this game could end up going in that direction as well, until Irving decided to deny the fans some free basketball. The announcers tried to put on a happy face for Milwaukee fans, saying they were impressed with the defense. To be honest, this Bucks fan WAS impressed with the defense.

But moral victories don’t get the Bucks into the playoffs, and Kyrie’s cold blooded play down the stretch made May basketball a more and more remote possibility. For that, Kyrie Irving is the absolute worst.