The Slow, Steady March of Time is the Absolute Worst

Another in a series of (mostly) daily and (mostly) negative recaps of Brewers games that occurred in the past twenty-four hours, whether I happened to watch it or not.

Yesterday, the Brewers came back to win in memorable fashion. Down three in the ninth to the Mariners, they scored four. I say memorable, in that I will remember this game for perhaps a week. I might even recall it with some fondness after the season is over before the 2017 Brewers make some marginally better memories.

For all the heroics and interesting quirks, including a long delayed home run call on an almost robbed Chris Carter home run, this game will be a footnote to a forgettable season.

Earlier in the day, an older gentleman told me about a Brewers game from a period before I existed. At the time, since the Brewers were so new in Milwaukee, the Eau Claire NBC affiliate (WJFW 13) showed the Minnesota Twins on Sundays. The Twins happened to be playing the Brewers that day, and neither team was terribly good at the time. But the Brewers went into the ninth tied with the Twins. Apparently, one Brewer got a hit right up the middle and through some turn of events found himself at second. Then George Scott won the game on a single to the exact same spot that the previous batter hit it.

I wonder if anyone else remembers this game. It’s not an especially memorable comeback, but some thirty to forty years later this guy remembered it. I suppose I’ll remember random games like this as well. I remember being in the stadium for an epic Brewers come back against the Twins in 2011. I remember Greg Vaughn hitting a grand slam. I remember the Brewers hitting five home runs in an inning to back a complete game shutout by Dave Bush. I remember the Crew capping off a four game sweep of the Cardinals with an improbable comeback in 2008.

These moments probably won’t make some sort of “Best of Brewers” retrospective, but they tend to mean more to me than the well known moments, like Robin Yount’s 3,000th hit or the first game at Miller Park. But maybe I’ll talk to some younger Brewer fan about them and they can imagine that they are true, even after the slow, steady march of time recedes it all into the ether.

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