thank you for speaking for women everywhere and completely missing the point!
Danielle Kosecki

I didn’t miss the point. The point of this article was for you to put yourself in with the sexually desired women and then do the greediest of ego grabs which is act as if this was a burden for you and something you are ‘tired off’. The internet kids use the term ‘humblebrag’ but you get the idea. If you want to know when you are going to be deeply insulted by these men? Its going to be the day you click through these guys’ ‘Sexy Cyclist photo albums and there isn’t one of your pics to be found. The next most offensive comment you will here won’t come from men but it will be when you say “Oh, we female cyclists are tired of being sexual lusts for these guys!” only to hear those gals ask out loud “what do you mean “We”?”.

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