4 Easy Ways to Get Started with Smart Wireless Lighting Control

Wireless lighting systems and smart lighting products are popping up everywhere from long-entrenched manufacturers to Kickstarter-funded start-ups. With so much interest, and so much variety, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

If you’re ready to dip your toes in the water and want to try adding a little smart lighting to your home check out these suggestions for easy lighting control solutions.

Wireless Plug-ins: The easiest and least expensive products to bring a little smart lighting to your home is with plug-in modules, sometimes called lamp or appliances modules. The most useful ones come with an app, such as Belkin’s WoMo product. With a simple wireless adapter you can experience the benefits of lighting control.

Smart Light Bulbs: Wireless LED bulbs are simple to use, but can be little high on cost compared to some other solutions. Some, like the Philips Hue, require a central control hub and connect to your home network, while others, like the Lumen Bluetooth Smart Bulb connect directly to your smart phone via Bluetooth. Many smart LED bulbs can display a variety of colors, depending on how you set the color in the corresponding app.

Wireless Wall Dimmers: Wireless dimmer switches are a lot like the wireless plug-in modules except that they get installed in the wall and power whatever outlets the switch controls. Smart home systems are best when they augment our control, not replace it. With a smart wall dimmer switch you can use either the app (or remote) to turn off the lights from anywhere in the house. Some can be a installed on a DIY basis, while others require a professional.

Smart Home Automation Hub: If you know you want to automate multiple lights and don’t want to mess around with basic point-to-point lamp modules or switches, then invest in one of the new hub-based home automation systems. Most of these, such as the Lowe’s Iris (reviewed here), Revolv, SmartThings, Staples Connect, and Insteon Hub, are fairly easy to set up.They’re also easily expandable, and most go beyond lighting if you need them too.

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