Ambient / Post-Dubstep / Trip — Hop genre video research

This Blog is on the research of genre that my Audio collaborator has listed his audio track under. We are to make a game in the next 4 weeks that can be described best as a “Interactive Music Video”. Here I’m going to analyse and examine the commonalities between the genres and will deduce which themes / aspects I can try to emulate.

YouTube screenshots of Ambient music videos

Ambient Video research:

From what you might expect from ambient music, their videos aren’t too visually stunning or animated.

Each video displayed either a static image of a galaxy, forest, barren landscape and/or an abstract neon environment. Which is not a bad thing, contrarily its actually on par with what our Audio collaborator wants in terms of visuals for the game I am in charge leading. He wants the player to be placed on a alien landscape filled with flora and unnatural lighting, with the sky depicting that of an unfamiliar space setting.

In each of the videos I’ve researched, it seems like the common theme here is that of a mixture of Blues and Purples with a splash of orange thrown in. the emotions you gather from these is a sense of isolation and abandonment, but also a sense of curiosity of your surroundings. You want to be there, in the environment, exploring its nooks and cranny's, to be able to be in a world where there is only mystery and surprise. A world unlike our own, where there is so little to worry you, but yet you worry whats next to come.

Maybe its a coincidence or that the Audio collaborator has done his research, but it seems as though the the designers, Audio student and myself really hit the nail on the head with the setting and colour scheme.

Post — Dubstep Video Research

Okay, now this was a weird one. Post-dubstep is vastly different than the visuals of ambient music.

With the research I’ve gathered, it appears to me that these music videos are almost essential to the music itself. Each video incorporates an orgy of colours, vibrations and abstract art. They lighting pulsates to the beat, the visuals are in tune with the melody, hell that ladies eye tentacles where dancing and jolting the the beat.

The commonalities in these are indeed the visuals and lighting, but the way the are displayed and presented is key. Yes,these videos and images alone are visually stimulating and crazy, but it sorta makes sense when music is paired along side of it. Its the way it synchronised with the beat that makes these interesting to watch and you just can’t help but want to keep watching.

I’ll be without a doubt keeping an eye on how well our visuals and lighting match the beat of the music our Audio collaborator has supplied for us. If we can get close to these levels of trippy visuals, then i know this project ts going to be a success.

Trip-Hop Video Research

This genre was a little bit harder to decipher, in incorporated aspects from both Ambient and Post-dubstep.

Most of the videos I watch seem to be set in one location, just showing different angles like in the Ambient ones, but then they get a bit abstract and trippy with the lighting and enviroment like in post-dubstep.

But what I found while pondering over these videos is that the beginnings is what speaks to me. Its about the introduction of the setting and getting a sense of feel first before the music becomes the focal point. Each of the videos envelope you and place you in the scene, then they take you on a journey with the music and make you feel how they want you to be, because your’re already a apart of the story… if that makes sense.

So, what I can gather is this: I don’t necessarily want the player to be thrown into the deep end when they load up the game. I want them to get a sense of feel and direction before giving them control of the instrumentals. this will ensure a deeper connection to the game, a way for the too be the composer as well as being apart of the audience.

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