Animation In Unity

For my recent project I felt it best that the character model I downloaded from the assets store come to life. The model imported with already existing animation clips but they needed to be applied and triggered when certain functions where performed. I needed to use the Animator.

2d animation states for Ken from Street Fighter

Animation is one of the key elements that give 3D game their “spice” when you’re playing. Animation also adds authenticity to its models and scenes. It gives wind to the trees, its the muscle that bends the arm and its what makes that fireball fly across the screen . Stagnate models can grow to be quite boring as it would seem, so it was time to shake things up.

At first I wasn’t too sure if I could do it. I assumed that transitioning the model from idle states to combat states would require a whole heap of coding and an in depth knowledge on how the Animator worked. But to my surprise it was very user friendly.

I watched Unity’s tutorial video on animation and although it wasn’t quite what I was looking for, it did provide a great tutorial on animating the camera to create your own cut scene which I’ll soon be revising to use in future projects.

Unity 5 Tutorial — Animation Control. By Aron Hibberd.

Aaron Hibberd’s video on animation control provided a very helpful guide for using Mecanim, Unity’s state machine system. With only a few lines of code using the Animator component, my model was swinging and running in no time.

Live Training 22nd September 2014 — Animate Anything

Soon after I watched a Unity tutorial on using the animation tool with tutor Adam Buckner. It dismisses the misconception that Mecanim is exclusively for humanoid characters, but that it can in fact be used for animating publicly exposed values as well.

I could have spent more time and practice on animating this month but I’ve been derailed for now. Perhaps during the new year I’ll get back into it.

For my next few projects I’ll be experimenting with Mecanim and the animation tools a lot more. Being able to animate UI elements will provide a great benefit when I’m looking to juice up my games.


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