GAM111.1 Post Mortem

Throughout this Post mortem I will be discussing the practice and execution of my GAM111.1 assessment. I’ll give be giving an analysis of the project as a whole as the document continues.

The requirements for this assessment needed to be based around the physics engine. I decided to go for a endless runner clone where the player must jump from platform to platform while avoiding numerous hazards and collect pickups along the way.

I began by creating the blockout for my level using simple 3d geometry shapes for the platforms,player and pickups. After I had added materials to almost every object I then imported a player movement script from the unity asset store and attached it to my player gameobject. Next i need to create a transporter beneath the platforms that would teleport the player back to the starting point. I used an OnTriggerEbter function that transformed the position and rotation of any object tagged as player back to the start.

Soon after I used simple move between code for transforming objects between the X and Z axis. The pick up function was an easy implementation, all i need was to add a rigid body component to my pick ups and use a collier function.

What Went Right:

I managed to create a working a somewhat playable game. But there isn't much else to say here.

What Went Wrong:

I didn't include a main menu, audio, Win/loose condition, the players starting point was moved to the end and never returned. I didn’t use my time wisely here and it showed. I put the project off until the last minute due to other priorities.

For best practices, I’ll be sure to get the core functionality of my game functioning first before i decide to add extras like color and special features. I must also clean up my hierarchy and order my project panels more appropriately.

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