Particle Systems

>>>Warning!! Particle Systems & Effects Will Be Very Addicting<<<

Particle are a MUST have. It’s what make a good game into a memorable one. Sure you could have a “YOU WIN” pop up once your game is over, but wouldn’t it be a whole lot better if the text exploded onto the screen showering stars and confetti everywhere while glistening with highlights?

Of course! And luckily for us, Unity has a powerful, modular built-in particle system called Shuriken and it’s very easy to learn and get the hang of. I was emitting particles, images and meshes all other the place, from smoke to fire highlights and glows and back to fire.

Particle systems emit in random positions from a predefined point, either in a cone or a sphere like shape. The user is able to determine and define the lifetime of the particles as well as the color, speed and size.

I got started by watching Unity’s Particle System tutorial. It gives an amazing breakdown of each module in the Particle systems inspector. These modules pretty much dictate every aspect of each particle. I used the training learned here to create a burst of fire for my 3d model once he attacks.

From then on out I went and sought out more videos on YouTube for more tips and tricks. I’ll be implementing the usage of particles far more now that I feel comfortable creating them.

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