Secret Interview Techniques

Everyone wants to land their dream job. Whether it’s in the creative arts, public service or in my case; the games industry. But how do you achieve this? what happens when you’re given the opportunity for an interview? What kind of questions should you be prepared for? How should you present yourself and what type of experience are Interviewers looking for?

Personally, i have had only 3 interviews in my short 22 years. Once as a barista at a local cafe, another as an employee at Target and again when promoted to signing manager. I can’t begin to tell you how nerve-racked i was for my first two interviews. And i guarantee my employers saw it as well, but by my third interview i felt much more at ease. Not only had i gathered experience from my previous two positions, but i had also networked and demonstrated a passion for my work.

For starters, one should build up their portfolio with a variety of expertise related to their desired field. This includes work experience, academic studies and personal projects. (pretty much any kind of proof that shows you have a passion for your industry). Youth Central provides a detailed outline for creating the perfect resume and planning your carrier. An extra (but just as important) step to take is Networking. Darius Kazemi has written an in depth post for Games designers looking for helpful tips on networking.

With a little bit of luck and persistence, you should be on your way to the interview stage. This may begin with a phone call interview. This Forbes article lays out some handy tricks to help you prepare and tackle the phone interview. But the steps are as easy as you would imagine i.e. stay calm, speak clearly and have some notes handy if need be.

An important thing to remember once the interview process is over is to ask questions!. Employers are on the lookout for candidates who are keen and passionate about their possible workplace. So it doesn’t hurt to ask plenty of inquisitive questions.

Once you’ve nailed the phone interview process, its time to focus on the face-to-face interview. During this process, the employer is going to want to know more about you. What makes you a better candidate for the position then the others and how you would handle working with others. Below is an amazing interview done by Craig Alexander, Turbine’s Vice President of Product Development;

Employers ask statistically proven questions that get you to reveal (somewhat unconsciously) the way you operate. They often give you hypothetical scenarios that help them reveal your personality, habits, and lifestyle. Its important to remain calm and to answer these questions as honestly and as thorough as you can. Try to find the simplest solution to these questions and give a coherent reason for this solution.

All in all, what i’ve gathered from this research is that it’s imperative to have experience, passion and persistence if you want any chance of landing that dream job you’ve been searching for. With the links and tips provided, you should have a solid foundation to begin your job searching quest.


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