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Motivation is weak.

It is a fleeting drive to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. It may start the process but never completes it.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”- Henry Ford

I love this quote. Besides the immediate motivated feeling one gets this quote speaks the truth. This quote once inspired me to write about Henry Ford.

Though half way through completing said article, I became frustrated with my work. The initial drive for the piece was gone. I was even looking at the information I had gathered sourly.

I had no motivation left to complete the article. The only thing still making me type away was my discipline for my work. My habitual life requires me to write everyday and finish what I start. My motivation had died but my self discipline had not.

“People say, My God, you’re so disciplined. But it has nothing to do with discipline; I loved it. Because I knew that every time I went to the gym I was one step closer to winning the competition.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger reached a level that his discipline in lifting was his motivation. He described it as fun because he was making gains and becoming bigger than the competition. Eventually, discipline becomes second nature but gaining discipline is the hardest part.

When I was 13 I was 15lbs overweight for a youth football league I was in. I found out on Monday which meant I needed to be 15lbs lighter by Sunday in order to play. For 6 days I ate less than 500 calories daily while going on 2 mile runs twice a day. I lost 18lbs in 6 days and was eligible to play.

This experience helped shape my work ethic. I carried it out for the entire season and lost a total of 38lbs that year. Not only did I lose he weight but gained the self discipline to do so.

Since that year I’ve been able to rely on my discipline to push me when I needed to be pushed, or finish the paper, or help do what I never wanted to.

Where motivation fails discipline prevails. You can rely on your discipline but not on your motivation. Gain self discipline and no task, project, or paper will ever go unfinished again.

Stay Tuned

Zac Giaimo