Find Your Value, and Share it With the World

Have you ever had the thought

“You know, if I was that person, life would be so easy I’d be so happy”.

Why is that we would think being someone else would make us happier?

Is it the job they have, or their friends? Maybe it’s because they’re good looking, or their partner is? It could be the persons character and just, who they are.

It is their value.

The value that a person brings to this world as a human being can define their purpose in life.

The value that a person offers could be their music, athletic abilities, art, love, energy, or just who they are as a person. This is what causes our want to become another.

Every time I wanted to become some artist, or baseball player, or even someone I know, I actually wanted to bring value to the world as they do.

You don’t know that person as you know yourself. You may have spent many years close to them but you have your mind not theirs.

In most cases like my own, your life is wildly different from that persons. Comparing the two is comparing apples and oranges. They may both be fruits and grow on tress but, they offer different nutritional values.

You offer a different value to the world than that person. It may not be a greater value it may be much greater value but it will still be different.

I didn’t know this for a very long time but, everyone can offer value to this world if they choose. It just takes to finding that value and sharing it with the world.

Stay tuned.