I’ve never done anything like this before. Not just a blog, but basically my entire being at the moment. What I mean by that is everything I’m going for in my life right now is being done without thinking or premeditation, in other words I’m really just going for it. Being in San Francisco these past 5 days have proven that thinking on my feet is crucial for these next 10 weeks. I will need to shed myself of the comfort zone that has cocooned itself around me. Whether it’s not taking risks or a very unhealthy fear of failure and rejection it has restricted me for as long as I can remember in more ways than one. Basically I am in San Francisco for the next 10 weeks, at least, for a networking/self-directed learning/skill building/ hopefully grab an internship program called Uncollege. Though a combination of those things I will be using the next 10 weeks to hopefully grow and do more than I’ve done in the previous 15 years of my life. I will need to be going to random meet ups with people with similar interests to network myself. I’ll be doing workshops for 2 hours a day to help build skills and learn ways to boost productivity. Then I will take these newly founded skills and confidence to hopefully obtain an internship within the city and if I’m really lucky the internship will turn into or lead to a full time job. In a sense I’m really banking my entire career life off of this because going back to college really isn’t an option for me. I’ve invested whopping amount of money into this as well as support from unbelievably supportive parents, to come all the way out here to a entirely new city to live with borderline strangers and throw myself into a business world to come out the other side a better and hopefully employed person. Now I know I sound scared or nervous or anxious but I’ve also never been so excited to work before. If there’s one thing I know I have it is a very good work ethic. Though it might not be the most productive work I will not stop or slow until I’ve finished what I set out to do. So going at this with full force is no issue it’s, as usual, the fear of failure that gives do me any cause to slow. But isn’t that why I’m here anyway? To destroy those things dragging me instead of propelling me. I know professionally wise I can benefit greatly from this but if I don’t loose those weights holding me back mentally then I won’t count this as a win. Staying focused is key, that I know, but knowing what to be focused on is where I’m currently struggling. Let’s hope by next week I will have a better grip on all of this and more to share.

Stay tuned.

Zac Giaimo

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