Break Teh Roolz!

Do Limits Enhance Creativity?

“You are remembered for the rules you break.” — Douglas MacArthur

As with so many other things the amount of rules that are helpful when it comes to creativity really depends on the person. Some people suffocate with even the slightest of limits while others need more fixed rules to get going.

However, some research indicates that having restrictions enables us to get more creative because we’re constantly bumping up against the walls and trying out how we can break the rules, without necessarily breaking them.

It’s like when we discover an exploit in a video game. It has certain parameters and restrictions, some people discover the exploits by trial and error while others just stumble across them.

The difference in my mind is whether it’s purposeful or not.

Break teh roolz!

While the end result is the same, people who accidentally stumble upon solutions/hacks/exploits, or what have you, usually can’t replicate them because they don’t recognize the steps needed to replicate them in a different environment.

Those who do it purposefully can apply the same principles they’ve learned from other games to see what works and what doesn’t. They’ve usually developed a more curious mind and have a deeper pool of knowledge to create new ideas and concepts.

Do you feel limits help you come to more creative solutions?

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