Kasich: Part 2

A while back I wrote a post about why I believed that John Kasich would make a much better VP than President, at that particular time. ( you can read that post https://medium.com/@ZachHartzler/kasich-5b240ea28859)

Since than, Kasich has been doing more and more to cement his position in the race for President. I have to say, I am very surprised at the past couple of weeks, and how well he has been doing, more so in NH than Iowa, but better nonetheless. Just this week, a New Hampshire Poll showed Kasich in third, only 1.5 points behind Cruz.

Another important point that I should mention, is that he just received an endorsement from The New York Times. While they are not in Iowa, I can only imagine that an endorsement from an establishment such as this will prove very helpful in the coming weeks.

I will admit, maybe I was wrong about him. His performance in Thursday’s debate was quite good, despite having less time than many of the other candidates. He was able to put out some of the most important issues to him, and his plan for them. This is going to be key for him if he wants to stay ahead in the polls.

Keep an eye on John, because you just never know.