“You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen

Musical Theatre Friday #1

“You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen
Written by
Pasek and Paul, Performed by RANGE a capella

There are very few musicals that capture my soul the same way that Dear Evan Hansen did. I remember the first time that I heard one of the songs — “Only Us” — it was the only song available with a real video on YouTube, and it just captured my soul.

The story of DEH is one that is near and dear to my heart — a boy who is discontent with his life connects too strongly to a tragedy that, at heart, had very little to do with him. I’m the same way. I fall in love with people that I never met; but, worse, I grieve for people that I’ve never met. I feel their loss profoundly.

But this song isn’t about this. “You Will Be Found” is profound and touching. Evan’s monologue in the beginning is pretty much my life story, making the deliberate choice to overcome loneliness and believing that things will be okay. It’s not a blind faith, a blind hope in the love and care of others, but a series of constant decisions to be found, to trust in light and love and community.

The rest of the number is about how Evan’s speech, Evan’s promise that “You will be found” goes viral and attracts attention.

This song goes on when I need to remember that I’m not alone.

DEH is a glorious musical. Please, take a listen.

Musical Theatre Friday is Janet Miller’s brainchild. I’m just continuing the tradition.

Zach J. Payne is a poet, novelist, and thespian; a lover of languages and purveyor of useless knowledge. He is an assistant at Ninja Writers and interns for Pam Howell at D4EO Literary Agency. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram at ZachJPayne. If you enjoyed this article, please click the little green heart.

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