An Open Letter About Your Life

Dear you,

Do you ever walk outside your door, just as the sun is starting to climb over the horizon?

The rays cut through the mangled tree branches and catch the side of your face.

You feel the warmth from almost 93 million miles away.

And this moment pauses. Because life feels less convoluted. The insecurities that keep your mind churning at night, temporarily melt away. The never ending comparison to your peers evaporates. The capacity in your lungs expand, and the air you breathe feels easy.

You see your shadow looking up at you, and you think to yourself when was the last time you noticed the mark you make?

You wave, and it returns the gesture.


Life leaves you with more questions than answers. You travel from today, to tomorrow, to the next, feeling the burden life bears.

All because you believe you don’t have life mapped out like an astronomer does the stars.

But maybe that’s the point of life. To not have all the answers. Or any of the answers. Life isn’t about figuring out, but instead living.

You pass through your time on Earth not often knowing the greater significance you play to the world. However, sometimes life decides to widen your eyes and fill your heart.

A simple reminder of how your life has shaped, molded, and pressed the live’s of others falls at your feet.

Your life is not perfect, but only because life isn’t a perfect process. You were created for a purpose deeper than the human mind can find. So right now, don’t let life’s confusing nature darken the shadow you cast. Because just like the stars in the night sky, it shines brighter than you can see.