Looking for the best all around Mexican restaurant in town?

The Rio Grande Review

The Rio Grande is located in the heart of Old Town, Fort Collins and is a popular Mexican restaurant for younger and older generation alike. During the day it is a nice place to bring your family and enjoy some fine Mexican cuisine, while at night, it transforms into a hot spot for the college scene.

Upon walking in, you immediately notice the Spanish vibe, which includes probably the most colorful tile in the world. There is also a powerful painting of a horse that cries, “I’m free and independent and you can be too, at the Rio.” Whether you choose to sit at the bar or a table, you’ll be greeted with chips and salsa, because of course. The salsa is pretty spicy, yet bearable. The menu has everything a Mexican food lover could ask for. The steak fajitas are incredible and impossible to eat in one sitting.

The service has always been subpar in my experience. It is always busy, which can sometimes be understandable, but if you like getting your water refilled multiple times, B.Y.O.W. They have a nice drink selection and remarkable margarita deals on Thursdays ($4 bones). Sadly, they only allow you to have three, but it’s probably for your own good. You can also be a part of their prestigious “Marg Mob.,” a secret underground community dedicated to eradicating the world of poverty. Just kidding, you sign up and get a free margarita, or if you so choose, some queso!

Overall, The Rio Grande is a great place to catch up with friends, eat some delicious Mexican food, and get a nice buzz.

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