The Quiet War on Male Body Image

Psycho Singer

Something becoming more acknowledged and talked about however slightly is male body image and how we have just as many issues with our physical appearance as women. I’m so glad this is growing as a discussion because it needs to be addressed. I think there is a myth that females are the only people who face unrealistic expectations or insecurities but guys are just as susceptible and equally as exposed. For every woman with perfect breasts and great hair on a magazine isle, chances are there is a guy with six-pack abs and just the right tan on the cover of Men’s Fitness. The message is the same; you’re not good enough so buy us to learn how to look like whoever is on the front. According to The Huffington Post those magazines are picking “0.1 percent of the most attractive men for those covers”, reinforcing the idea that nobody actually looks that way (2014).

I remember seeing Zac Efron gain his stardom and wanting nothing more than to look like him with his perfect hair, smile, and body. He became the ideal body to my 14 year old self and it ate me alive that I wouldn’t look that way-ever. My mentality has changed a bit with age; however the messages are still being delivered to the next generation. You see it’s not that both genders don’t face this issue; it’s that men are much less likely to talk about it-creating the illusion we don’t suffer the same hunger for perfection. I hate to say it but this desire to look picturesque only intensifies among the gay community. Bodies become more critiqued and men begin obsessing over losing weight or fighting to bulk up to appear more “manly” so others will find them attractive. Neither extreme is healthy and we must embrace the bodily differences we all have if we hope to have a more accepting and happier culture in the future.

Psycho Singer

Written by

Proud millennial with gay thoughts and an interesting perspective.

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