‘Classical music is tight, yo’
Nicholas Fitzgerald

HAHA! This is an interesting point you bring up. You should look at another well known write up that Craig H. did, in which he calls his rebrand of classical music “Composed Music”.. I am not sure that I agree whole-heartedly, but nonetheless is serves as an interesting idea. Yes…classical music is “tight”, and many music lovers dont realize the emerging sub-genres of classical music.This may be due to the explosion of electronic music, and some music lovers’ lack for seeking understanding of other music elements besides rhythm and pitch content. One main issue is the clutter of so much music being made but people aren’t generally willing to seek out new music anymore. It is natural to want to hear something that sounds familiar, so some don’t wish to seek out something different.

I agree with your idea on the way classical music needs to be presented! I often perform classical music and yes.. haha it needs to be presented in a different environment and under different circumstances. Perhaps, we add image projections or synchronized lights that can enhance the experience for the listener. :D

I encourage all music lovers to explore the realm of percussion music!

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