Biased Questioning

I notice that my search for information is too often biased. It is subtle, but real. When I ask a question, it will be positioned for an answer I am looking for. For example, I might ask “Don’t you agree this how we should proceed?” Although it seems harmless, this isn’t helpful. I already know what I think and there is so much more value in seeing what your colleague or friend genuinely thinks. Instead, I should ask more neutral questions like “How do you think we should proceed?”

In your personal life and professional life trying asking more neutral questions. You already know what you think so getting someone to agree with you isn’t as valuable as getting their unbiased opinion.

On the flip side, people with high confidence generally seek out contradictory information to their own beliefs to form an argument. Listen carefully to how people are asking you questions as it could be a signal for confidence or lack of confidence on the subject matter.

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