5.10 Writing Leads 2

Plant Accident

Plant worker, serious injury, 3 p.m. today, Gross Engineers plant, installing new pipes, accidentally touched a wrench to a power line

A plant worker is seriously injured from a plant accident.

Duane LaChance was simply doing his job when he accidentally contacted a power source carrying 15,000 volts. Lachance received third degree burns from the accident.

He was admitted into the intensive care unit of a local hospital this evening.

McCartney Illness

Peter McCarthy, throat illness, Monday, Riverside Hospital, throat reduced to whisper during concert

Famous rock singer is scheduled to have throat surgery tomorrow.

After experiencing several throat issues Peter McCarthy is scheduled to have an exploratory surgery. The incident occurred last night during a large concert.

The surgery is will be taking place at Riverside hospital.

BOE Meeting

Hattiesburg BOE, board meeting, this morning, the school, to discuss a loss in enrollment

The Hattiesburg BOE is fearful that the future of the school looks bleak.

During the Hattiesburg BOE meeting this morning the facts where discussed that enrollment has substantially decreased. The school dropped from 200 hundred students to 1,050.

This is the third consecutive year that the school has lost enrollment.

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