6.2 Meeting Stories

The City Council Meet last night to vote on important decisions that will affect the future of the city.

The first issue that was brought up during the meeting was the proposal to move a cemetery in order to build a supermarket. The developer told the council that he thought the city needed a supermarket in the area. He offered to pay all of the costs of having the graves relocated.

Most of the council was strongly against the rezoning. One of the council members promised to mount a campaign against the supermarket if they carried it out. His threat was accompanied by lots of applause.

After an hour of discussion the council voted 5–2 against the rezoning of the graves. Most of the crowd departed after the vote.

The next topic of discussion was a one-cent sales tax proposed by Wilma Rudolph. The tax would raise $400,000 for the city within the next year. The argument was made that without the tax the city would have to begin laying off workers.

The mayor attempted to persuade the council to vote against the tax. He claimed that the people where already taxed too much. The council disagreed with the mayor and voted 5–2 for the tax.

The final proposal was to license all morticians in the city. The license would force morticians to pay $150 per mortuary per year. Though there where several in the crowd that opposed the license it still passed by a vote of six to one.

The council meeting occurred with minimal arguing and much was accomplished. Three major decisions where made to better the city. Through the service of the council the city intends to remain balanced, safe, and great.

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