CNA Week 5- World News

28 Die In Terrorist Attack

In recent years, Turkey has been the target of many terrorist attacks. A popular news source has released the news of 28 deaths from an explosion in Ankara today. Turkey has made claims to tighten down on their security.

Indonesia Blocks Tumblr Due to Pornographic Material

Indonesia has banned the popular social media, Tumblr, because of the company’s distribution of porn. A world wide news provider describes how Indonesia is removing hundreds of websites with inappropriate content.

Tumblr has yet to give their response.

The Pope Visits a Jail In Mexico While Touring

With the intentions of bringing peace to the violent city of Ciudad Juarez the Pope visited the local jail. A news source states that he will be hosting a public mass on the us border.

He hopes to raise awareness for the struggles that people face trying to cross the border.

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