CNA Week 6- Politics

Trump expects to win Nevada caucus

Donald trump currently holds the lead in Nevada and expects to win the state in the upcoming caucus.

A popular news source has declared the importance of this potential win. Nevada is a swing state with much diversity, the win will be vital for the race.

Rubio and Cruz are teaming up to keep Trump from winning Nevada

Rubio and Cruz cannot afford another loss to Trump, so they are both targeting Trump.

A national news source says that this would be Trumps third straight win if he gets the victory. With both Rubio and Cruz falling behind Trump quickly the stakes are higher than ever.

Ted Cruz has fired his communications director over false information

Monday night Cruz fired his communications director over a video that made false claims aimed at Marco Rubio.

The firing has happened right before the Nevada caucus and is expected to decrease Cruz’s voter trust. A news source says that the false information was unclear but the media has shown no mercy to Cruz’s campaign.

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