Bam! Well, I made that jump. It was and still is hella scary. Out in the open, barebones, pants caught at my ankles scary…

Come this Monday, June 26th, Ill be starting a programming Bootcamp at The Iron Yard. Yes, I’ll get my ass royally handed to me as I attempt to wrap my brain around the world of Web Development and its languages. GitHub, Atom, Java, Javascript, HTML, Angular, React, Node.js, .NET, CSS, C#, MYSQUL, MAC, Windows, Meetups, FrontEnd, Backend, Fullstack, this list goes on and on. Am I sinking or swimming? Well, after that small epilogue, I’m stoked as a 5 year old getting Ice Cream! The mystery, freshness and novice, it’s all has me feeling super excited!

Some mixture of this.

I’m a former Journeyman Carpenter of 5 years in the field. Son of a 4th generation Carpenter, yeah the saw dust is in my blood and i’ve probably eaten a whole house by now (let’s not dwell on that). So this mid twenties career change is huge and daunting. But what are we waiting for?

School again! After 4 years of not touching a book, its a little weird to imagine doing so. I’ll be the student instead of the instructor. I’ll be the young padawan looking patiently to the master as 5 trillion-gazillion questions bobble just below the surface of my noggin. I’m so EXCITED. Learning, driving forward and not being in a place of complacency. Sky’s the limit!

I’m a father of two, my oldest being 17 months and my youngest being 6 days old at the time I’m writing this article. Every instance my oldest is alive, he’s learning, it’s wicked. I was watching him the other day and it dawned on me. I need to take this next 12 weeks with the attitude similar to my son. Everything is brand new, uncharted, question everything, poke at everything, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Yeah, that might be imitating at first, but i’m striving to break that barrier. It will only help me, never hinder. Stills seem scary. Timidly raises hand. Um. Excuse me professor. I don’t know how to turn on my mac… Haha

To all those who may be in a similar spot as I am right now. Use your nervous feelings to fuel your desire to do great! Get up and get out! Just do it, Nike got it right. In a case as this with all the cards on the line, go all in, and don’t doubt yourself. Be there and apply yourself and you’ll do awesome! Trust me, trust your gut, go with it! I can’t help but feel it… Such possibilities just waiting to be unlocked.

To all,