Celebrating small victories—on your own and with an accountability partner—improves your ability to reach your goals

Two people hold their arms up in celebration on a bridge and forest setting
Two people hold their arms up in celebration on a bridge and forest setting
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Picture this: The sweat is coagulating on your brow and stinging your eyes, making it nearly impossible to see the small wisp of green flying at you, but faster than it seems that your eyes are capable of calculating, you… swing. And there it is. You follow through the twang of your racket and swing all the way through. Your opponent darts nimbly across their side of the court to return but they fall short.

You’ve won. You’ve won Wimbledon… the Australian Open... the Superbowl… the Stanley Cup… whatever!

Q: What would you do immediately after the biggest accomplishment of…

cupping notes of chocolate at breakfast

melting glaciers with my mouth —

see, i am powerful with this pen;

the powerful think they want swords.

they give you folly, and ask gratitude for it;

they ask for a tithe from pension;

they ask you to carry the basket;

they ask you to slip nickels in for the sake of god;

they ask you to cover your fucking nipples for the sake of modesty,

but they want you to feed them.

johnny cover your mouth when you cough;

when you speak,

you are contagion.

you are an animal.

you are a zombie.

that is why they ask you.

photo by zachary s. valladon

zachary valladon is an oklahoma city based creative. zsv on twitter.

we made comedy

out of a death, he and i.

that night, i laughed hard.

35 mm photo in Orange, CA by zachary valladon

zachary s. valladon is a creative living in oklahoma city. 35mm film photo by zsv. twitter.

O, hai there.

It’s been a lingering minute since I decided to write something for myself. Last year, for the first time in four (or so) years, I skipped out on writing a ‘Top 10 albums of the year’ because…well, I don’t know why. Maybe I was in a weird place, or something? Hard to say.

In any case, 2016 was such a cool year in music, I couldn’t help but to sit down for a minute and reflect on all of the amazing stuff that’s popped up in what is being infamously referred to as ‘the year the music…

unsplash.com // Padurariu Alexandru

The more I add to


the less complex it is —

the less words

I have for

it —

even under its

synthetic influence.

Leucothoe” was

the most beautiful word

I’d ever heard

until my eyes found


and conceived of

their own language.

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Pain is pulling this

nice shirt out of

the closet you shared,

and watching something like an itinerary

fill the edges of your

drowsy, damp orbs.

Kohl’s. 2014. Birthday. $19.95. Cream Soda.

isai ramos // www.unsplash.com

two years came &

went like a fire

in california.

the biggest news;

the hottest thing.


nothing is left

that isn’t

charred and

crumbling under

its own weight.

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What are we

in 1,000 years?

Tall or


according to most


I am a mirror

and you are too much

of yourself

For me.

I make poetry (& sometimes drunk) — Follow me on Twitter.

Zachary Valladon

oklahoma city based poet, writer, musician, podcaster, everythinger. www.zachvalladon.com

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