To enjoy the process, make time for the pleasure.

I am not a very disciplined person. I’ll be the first to tell you. I believe in the organic timing and pacing of all things. I don’t believe you can successfully force creativity from flowing. That said, I have failed to provide the honorable amount of time to be creative, and it totally makes sense that I haven’t done so because of moving and establishing myself in the new house. I’m genuinely grateful and satisfied with how things have developed. I need to spend more time devoted to exercising, working out…

Doesn’t have to be anything major. Just figuring it out slowly.

“And what a good feeling to feel like this
And know that the feeling is really mine.”

Fred Rogers, On Anger.

Flying Feelings Factored

journal entry 11/9/19: Obliterate the frame of reference of contrast and processing emotion from a responsive point of view. I find it difficult to write down direct details, but that’s the way forward. I am carrying with me an owl carcass from Chicago, and plan on processing the wings when I get back to Portland. “the OWL has landed”. I recall earlier this year when my ex got on my back about “ranting on facebook” about our situation. Making me feel guilty about sharing these aspects of my life without mentioning her. It’s what my friend Matt…

Autumn is here!

It’s been two days since I logged off of Facebook for good. It’s been refreshing to open up so much space in my eyes and my mind to the world around me.

There’s a peace-full-ness to not getting sidetracked by random information. I don’t think that’s the way we are accustomed to learning. I have created my own zone for depositing interesting ideas, videos, pictures, and updates. I believe Medium is a great space to share updates in long form, but I needed a personal site to link to that includes context for people that don’t already know me.


It’s really wild that my wild child within has been asleep

Has been needed yet went forgotten

Where did he go?

What knowledge did he take with him?

I’d like to find him, let him redesign me from the inside out.

Like Dion Fortune initiating those to Clear the vessel completely for the ‘higher self’

IT’s inspiring this amount of wealth that can be felt.

And it’s unusual how much we doubt ourselves

Is it a programmed condition we can delete?

Or is it a self-created limitation we need to defeat?

I ask the questions to find the reason for…

Lucid Vibe Radio ~ a transparent Update

Brand New Lucid Engine — Super Fast!!

What began in 2012 as an idea to create poetry only radio station, in 2017 Lucid Vibe Radio was birthed into this world turned into a community driven internet radio station that plays 24/7 music, interviews, phone call-ins. We’ve been listened to by over 10,000 people from 6 different countries. I want to write about what I’ve learned as a steward of this vision and Drop some hints on where we’re headed in 2020 and share some gratitude for some recent support we’ve received.

Soundtrack for this post is Onion the Man’s Soul…

My O face

Sooo, forget Facebook.

I’m going to write my thoughts here from now on. I don’t like Facebook and think it’s important for us to move to healthier alternatives, I like Medium for many reasons. It allows for a fuller expression without worrying about being sidetracked by random commentary and the ADHD nature of Facebook, which I’m convinced is being used to manipulate all of us and serves us at a ridiculously low benefit considering the net negative effects of it’s overall impact on us as a society.

This first post was just a test. Further posts will be more in…

Zachary Wolk

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