Being an avid gamer, and have been since the PlayStation One, I often find myself seeing things differently.

Gaming has taught me many things. Things that would have to be learnt the hard way if i didn’t play altogether. One word in particular comes to mind quite often, patience. How many times have you found yourself stuck in line waiting for someone to see you, or to have your order taken down? Countless times I know, It’s the world we live in these days.

One loading screen after another..

In most of the narrative single player games you find yourself playing out an event that the character in-game has gotten him or herself into and it is your job to figure the rest out. You against the world, like reality. Following the linear plot to get to a certain point in the game where something significant happens that can alter your story or expand your surroundings. Such as life would have it in this age. Early on much is not known about the world except for a few key things you rely on, and as you progress through the story things, objects and different relations become available to you. Some of those, in order to be obtained, you must work for. Remember the effort it took to get your driver's licence? Remember how proud you were of your first A+ ? Can you recall the time where your mother hung up a picture you drew on the fridge? All of these events were and are essential to the progress of you, the character. Which leads you further down the path to completing the necessary modern landmark goals that this world has in store for us.

Point being that, in short, life as we know it is like a video game. Going through all the trials and tribulations to achieve something either menial or amazing. Taking pauses to reflect and regain your energy. Boss battles are those math tests you barely studied for, or your first job interview. As an adult you now have accumulated a lot of experience and have leveled up well, but the story isn’t over. For there are many more dangers that lie ahead. More tasks to overcome and more bosses to fight, just be sure to have your healing potions ready.