A New Best Friend

Hello everyone my name is Zachary and I'm going to tell you about how I met a really good friend, her name is Taryn. So it was one sunny day in the school year and I was getting ready to start unpacking in my dorm with all my friends on the boy side. I was put in a cabin with all my friends, who knew. So always during free time they let us hangout, At the time I liked a girl and if your wondering I might tell that story in a later blog.

Anyway one day probably halfway through camp 2 people came up to me, the 2 girls were friends their names were, Ellen or Alexa I forget who the first person was, either one of them. The second girls name was Taryn, When I fist looked at Taryn she seemed nice, so we talked a little and that was it. Then before I knew it, camp was coming to a close and I got everything and packed it away and then went on the bus back to the school.

On that bus ride I sang and thought in the back of my mind about her the whole trip long and I was thinking that this was the start of a long friendship that would last a long time. So then I had to do it, the girl I liked at the time I met her mother. And no, if your wondering this is not the show “How I Met Your Mother” written by a kid. Anyway, the next school year came around, 7th grade now on to the Junior High I go.

So It was the first day I went to every class Science then Pre-Eng., then Math, then Chorus, then to Lunch. Now it was 6th period that I was going to, Study Hall I had Mr.Creps at first I thought It was Mr.Crepes I don't know why I thought that but oh well. So I walked Into the room and Taryn was in the class and Ellen, I said Hi and she said Hi and I asked if she had Instagram and I got her Instagram, then we started to talk.

Then I started to develop a liking for her. I got to get to know her better and she was really nice and she liked me as a great friend I would say. So her birthday was coming up and I decided to get here something nice, so I grabbed some of my birthday money and just money in general. I took about a hour trying to find something at Macys. Luckily I found a worker who did the same thing I was doing for his friend, she helped me find the perfect it was a necklace with a silver key on it with the end of the key shaped like a heart.

It was big money ($70.00) but it was on sale, at least I think it was. So then I told her I bought something and I told her the price, also a quick note for guys don't tell the girl the price. Also make them play the guessing game, it always works.

So she knew I bought a necklace and she knows the price. Well then I thought to myself that I should put it on her during class. That spreads quickly and then everyone was anticipating it. We had recess that day and I was thinking I need to put it on her. So then once we went In I grabbed my stuff and gave her the box with the necklace inside of it. Then I went to the wrong class and I thought It was 7th period.

Once I got back to intervention they were looking at it. Then It was all eyes on me I went back to her and asked if she liked it, and she did. Then she was trying to open the clasp but she couldn't get it open it. So I said that Ill open in and I did then I proceeded to move her hair and I put It on her. I was so embarrassed about it my face was blood red.

Later that day I texted her about It and she thought It was very sweet and I felt happy. Also she came to one of my football games and we talked at that afterward. Then I decided that I wanted to see If I could hangout with her more and I decided that I would get on her bus without a bus note and ride It to the High School then I got on my bus. I got kicked off the 4th time I tried and I explained to my bus driver I would never do It again.

Later that day I texted her, I talked about her when I got kicked off the bus, she thought It was funny, I liked that she thought It was funny. Then I met her Mother which her mother was really nice and she thought I was a good kid. That was a good impression, and to this day I have never met her dad or brother.

Then a month or two passed and I decided to write her a song that would be sweet. All my football friends knew about it because I wrote It on the bus that was heading to a away game. Then I sang her the song and she kept It and she liked It. Ever since day one of the friendship it has gown and I'm glad to have her as a friend. Till next time.

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