I think I get what you’re talking about, though — we seem to have made it a habit to use email as a catch-all for managing things email definitely wasn’t intended to handle, and it’s a (messy) treasure trove of data waiting to be used for something.
Sure, there’s a bunch of stuff in my inbox that could probably be managed better by an app, but I…

Definitely. Email clients tend to be very neutral in the way they handle and display your emails. This is fine for the general act of reading and receiving email, but much of the time the data in those emails becomes more useful/actionable when it’s formatted differently.

Some developers tackle this by creating email clients that change how we interact with mail.

Astro for example has an AI that helps you manage your email intelligently.

Mailbox (RIP) pioneered the concept of snoozing and “completing” emails and hitting “inbox zero”.

Inbox allows users to create to-dos next to emails and to rename emails into todos.

Other developers choose to make an app that focuses on organizing a specific type of data you receive in your email and they then expand the concept from there. Pocket and Deliveries are both examples of that.

Thanks for the response! 😎