Handcuffed for no reason in Baltimore, 4: It never happened!

As I have stoutly maintained since being #HandcuffedForNoReason by the Baltimore Police Department, my experience doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy, racist, mixed-up world. Matters have moved on, and rather than reading this post you should read the Department of Justice’s report on the BPD (https://www.justice.gov/…/justice-department-announces-find…). Suffice it to say that more attention has now been paid to its brutal malfeasance. Whether it will lead to change is something else.

But some people wanted an update on my own microevent. The envelope please: The BPD has determined that the “evidence” did not meet the burden of proof to “sustain the allegations.” It never happened!

I feel better now.

The Baltimore Police: there was insufficient evidence to substantiate my allegations that the thing which happened to me actually ….. happened