Clowns? Really?

The South has been plagued with pranksters donning circus attire.

Social media pranks around Halloween are getting out of hand. Last year, it was #ThePurge. This year, it’s clowns. And it isn’t the first time it’s happened.

But in light of recent events in New York and Minnesota, these pranks are hardly funny. It’s time the ne’er-do-wells had their fun in a different way.

When I was in high school — not that long ago — , we rolled houses. We didn’t make terrorist threats.

Yesterday, my feeds were flooded with scared students, parents, and teachers trying to educate while dealing with unneeded distractions. One report said over 500 students left school early in Auburn & Opelika, Alabama due to social media threats.

Thankfully, law enforcement has made quick work of investigating and arresting the teenagers and young adults involved in what they think is a game.

The key to a good joke is a large number of people finding it funny. Clowns threatening children? That’s just poor taste.

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