A Few Things to Help You Write Your First Book
Smiley Poswolsky

Thanks for writing this post for your peer group, much appreciated and well put together my friend. I always like to get views from other published Authors because it shows be how much alike we are despite many, upon many differences. The good news is that we don’t live in a world riddled with patterned rights and wrongs but instead a world layer out with rights and lefts.

Maybe it’s just me and a few others but I ALWAYS pay attention to my devices, whether I am writing my next novel as a Ghostwriter (I refer to myself often times as a Spook) or doing work as a Copy Editor for friends or clients. Obviously, email/texting/phone calls/sexting are very important to keep up with for us all these days and doesn’t get overly distracting fir me at all.

I agree that Jeff Goins stuff is a must have, same with other reading material that will keep us comfortably grounded in ourselves while we are doing what it is that we do. I find that keeping books like ‘COMEDY WRITING STEP BY STEP: How to Write and Sell Your Sense of Humor’ by Gene Perret is a must because it helps me in those times of need when i cannot seem to pull another rabbit out of my warn, torn Magical writer’s baseball cap…

In conclusion, I’ve found that what really helps me most is to ALWAYS have access to ‘YouTube.com’. Usually, I have a minor panic attack at some point and need inspiration from the child inside of me who still enjoys a good bit of ‘Sesame Street: Bert and Erne’ to soothe my written soul.

Thank you Smiley. You are a good man and great Author!