Hack Your Happiness

When there are fights, when there is suffering, when tension threatens to grind me in its teeth — I take a step back and apply that lubricant of sanity that is imagination. Not to avoid reality, but to keep my head above despair so I can actually deal with it...
[Because] a lot of the time, we dive into negativity simply out of habit. A lot of the time, we just don’t realize that we have a choice regarding which perspective we take. Because truthfully? We’re all delusional. We all project ourselves into stories edited by the genre of our moods. We choose the shots where we dwell; we cut together vignettes that cast people in selective lights.

— From my latest for Parent.co, “This Mom’s Secret to Happiness? I’m Delusional.”

It’s not a new idea, but it works great for me: every time the mind wants to cobble together a reason for why things are the way they are, go with a story that helps you claim your power. One that helps you let go and move on, or confront the issue with calm, compassionate resolve — whichever feels the the right fit.

Give people the benefit of the doubt. It’s the highest form of charity.

Zaeli is a storyteller and love coach, here to help bring consciousness and intention to your emotional life. Look for her monthly column “The Heartwakers Club” in Austin All Natural Magazine or learn more at www.ZAELI.net