Putting the “me” in Ethical Non-Monogamy

Austin’s finest sex-and-relationship-based comedy showcase Naughty Bits has its own podcast, and I had the pleasure of being the guest of their latest episode, “Open Sesame”.

Click here to hear me get super (maybe too?) personal about managing simultaneous partnerships, befriending jealousy, and evolving beyond my conservative youth into the brazen, border-crossing polyamante that I am!

Note: I’m referred to as a “former” relationship coach because indeed I’ve wound down my coaching while without a suitable workspace. For the time being I’m very happy to only focus on the writing end of it, but if you’d like to be notified in the event that I start taking new clients, sign up for the Newsletter at www.ZAELI.net.

Sweet photoshopping of me by Naughty Bitcast co-host Katie Stone

We start getting into the goods at 5:40. Also available in iTunes etc — search for “Naughty Bitcast” and subscribe while you’re at it!

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