Social Justice Bullies: The Authoritarianism of Millennial Social Justice
Aristo Orginos

More than just the methods of SJWs is nonsensical, but their very causes are ridiculous. Most reasonable “causes” have been addressed, so SJWs are forced into making them up. They are forced into projecting their own internal nastiness onto their perceived enemies.

They won’t move the needle forward, though they could if they dared to operate outside the West, into social issues in Asia and Africa. But they are so infected with marxism that their foremost premise is “the evil White man,” and thus they will never look outside Europe and the Anglosphere.

SJWs are like a cowardly thief who only steals from his or her own family; they know that, if they are caught, that justice will not be served upon them. That’s why SJWs don’t operate where they are most needed. They’re soft and cowardly, only operating behind keyboards and on college campuses.

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