Experiential Services: Why Can’t I Find And Get Them Easily?

Why is it each time I decide to get a combination of experiential services I know I want, that I don’t have the option to easily choose and assemble the services to my liking? How come it is so hard for me to ask for relevant insights in advance, and get them in one place so I can effortlessly access them and plan ahead to make sure I will get them? Why is it that each time I try to repeat the experiential services I have enjoyed previously I have to start the whole process all over again?

Experiential Services are services that one gets and experiences the services one receives. I am the kind of person who knows what I want and prefer to plan in advance without the pressure of time. I know, in order for me to have enjoyable experience I will need more than just one experiential service and have them arranged in complementary way. Therefore, I want to know in advance that I will get the desired set of experiential services. I am not interested in trying my luck by winging it and hope to get each one of the experiential services I want at the time and place of my choosing. What I long for is to easily and fully express my taste and get customized options to choose from and attain the desired outcome by successful assembling a set of experiential services as I wish. Furthermore, even if I am able to find the experiential services I can choose and pick from, the need to track and manage the amount of information necessary to successfully receive in sequenced and coordinated order becomes quite critical. Unfortunately, when that happens, it is not possible for me to receive and maintain the information in one place for me to simply cope. Based on my experience, it is not possible to find truly useful resource. The kind that first enables me to receive relevant insights and assists me to choose and pick desired experiential services-Next, makes it possible for me to fittingly structure and successfully reserve them all in one place-Then, empowers me to maintain the relevant information and take action when necessary throughout the process. What I find is very challenging and disjointed process that requires me to try so hard dealing with overwhelming complexity that demands repeated effort and constant vigilance out of me. Why is it the current state of affair leaves so much to desire? Do you feel it is easy and effortless for you to find, reserve and receive the combination of experiential services that you know you want and need?

I want to make informed decision by getting actionable information in a very accessible and manageable way. In addition, I expect the information to be relevant, timely and concise. When I try to reserve the experiential services I want, I spend so much time and energy utilizing multiplies of sources in search of actionable information. Even though I try my best to get sufficient and useful insights to access the desired experiential services, I end up being fully disappointed. So, if I am interested in getting a complimentary set of experiential services, is my only option to try and get one by one, reserving the ones that are available and hopping for the best? Am I missing something, doesn’t that feel like exercise in futility? Are you satisfied with the way you get experiential services? Do you wish for something better and different? Have you just given up and resigned to the belief this is one of those situations that you should just put up with? Can people really say they have easy time finding and getting the experiential services they want?

Finally, in some rare occasions, I might get lucky enough to find myself fully satisfied with the experience I had from receiving a combination of experiential services. If I know I want to be able get all of them again, all I want to do is put the necessary information some place on standby and ready to be easily activated at will. And yet, I am not sure how to go about making sure I have the opportunity to request the experience without having to start the whole process all over again. What can I do to get current and complete actionable information in a future time and access the set of experiential service I was able to receive? How do people manage to get the set of services they were able to enjoy previously? I have been thinking about all these a lot and wondering if this is a common problem for others as well. I would like to get your thoughts and experiences to help me better understand.

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