Sustainability Q&A: Dr. Greg Gordon

What are you doing to help GU become more sustainable?

I am currently serving as co-chair for the ACSS (Advisory Council on Stewardship and Sustainability) which seeks to both broaden and deepen sustainability efforts on campus to bring GU closer to achieving its goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

In this role, I’ve focused primarily on reducing scope 3 emissions — those from transportation, especially commuting.

I assist students in developing and pursuing sustainability projects on campus.

I also serve as advisor to GU’s student permaculture club.

How do you incorporate sustainability concepts/practices into your courses?

In my Intro to Environmental Studies (ENVS 101) course, awareness of sustainability is one of the key concepts and learning outcomes of the course. Students conduct research projects on local environmental issues and we explore the basic concepts of sustainability and the triple bottom line.

In the ENVS senior capstone students develop a final project that addresses a need in GU’s climate action plan.

What is the one thing you would like t people to know that you do to further sustainability?

I try to live my life as an example, by living close to campus and biking as much as possible.

What campus sustainability success(es) are you most proud of and why?

My work on the Climate Action Plan.

How could GU continue to improve its sustainability efforts?

Providing students and faculty with STA bus passes!