Rock Bottom | Climbing my way up through writing

Last week I posted my first article on Medium. It was a luke warm and vague intro into the life of a poet at the age of 9. Here on Medium, I’m practicing publishing articles until I can write my way into my first book.

The other purpose of writing here, is to unravel not only my writing but also the rock bottom it took to get me here. Guess what? – I created the rock bottom. I instigated the whole damn thing. Don’t ask me why, I am actually still trying to figure it out and damn right I’m sharing it here.

Funny enough, as I prepare for the next 28 weeks of writing here, I keep asking myself why I am doing this in the first place? I keep making up stories about how Medium is for writers who solve problems, or for philosophical writers, or, or, for all the other writers that I am not. I am really trying to find a way out. The beauty of social media is that you don’t have to be famous in order for people to pay attention. In fact, this is the best accountability anyone could ask for.

I am also intertwining my online dating experiences (Podcast Coming Soon). Like the story about a guy I matched with online and we have not met yet. We seem to see the world and our life with a similar enough mindset. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I also believe that nothing is a coincidence. After sharing my first article with this person – I asked his thoughts and to my surprise he was honest! Honesty is refreshing. He suggested that I was not giving enough to the reader. I was perhaps too quiet. A few days later as we dived deeper – I was feeling lost. I had no idea what direction to take these articles – even though I have years of stories collecting dust.The conversations with him helped me be more present to my message. The message that is always underlying in my work – Resiliency.

My story, my life, my experiences, have all led me to transition into the next moment of my life, with resiliency. The Professor from Queens saw it right away. I was unaware. He pointed it out. I looked the word up in the dictionary the first time I heard it and to this day, I still look it up. I know what it means. I understand – all too well.

As I work through trying to find my way out of writing these articles – and I won’t – I realized that I am climbing my out of something, through my writing. I have too much accountability. I have friends cheering me on. I have strangers cheering me on. As I navigate this space, one article at a time, I’d like to Thank you, if you have come this far, to this line.

Recently I was reading comments on my old blog and feel as though I’m emerging from a coma. The blogs I wrote are gone, but the commentary still sits – like words etched on a gravestone – so moving, and you wonder, what the person they speak of looks like? Sounds like? Acts like?

This is my resurrection.

For anyone who is hiding themselves and their voice, come, join me, and share your words. Reach out. I’d love to hear your story.

What I have learned thus far – if there is even 1 person that is touched, moved or inspired by what you put out there, then you have done a great service.

Next week, I will start the story of my Rock Bottom, how I created it and WHY I created it.

Article 2/28