The Inner Mirror.

“The Best among us are those, who serves the umanity.”

Life is going harder and harder day by day. The people lives in very difficulties and everyone has number of tensions, worries, duties and major one is poverty. But in every era, people born who have just one vision and that is to serve the humanity. And the Hero of Pakistan, Abdul Sattar Edhi is one among them. From his childhood he was educated just to serve humanity. He shared his penny with the needy ones. He did different little jobs like selling the pencils or matchboxes etc. His parents given him the lessons of life and how to serve people in need. He felt the pain of others. He set his goal on peeks and to reach them he started his journey from the depth level. He started doing little things. He believed that small little things combine and become gigantic. As Now the Edhi center is. And this rescue center is becoming better and better even after his death. But what the lesson his life gives, start doing little things and never been ashamed to do them. His life is the source of inspiration for us. The way he helped other is really magnificent. After watching different documentaries on his life, his interviews and his autobiography. I become motivated and i set my goal to serve the humanity and the most important one is to stop the child laboring. I act upon his advice, i can start little but i can dream so high. Adapt the simple life style and help other people as possible as you can. I set my goal of life. When I’ll stand on my own and start earning good I’ll give education to the poor children at least one. Where we manage all the needs of our family then why it is difficult for us to add the responsibility of one more person. He has the right to live freely in this world. He has the right to get education. He has the right to get the basic human rights and stand firmly in front of this world. Try to get my point, just think that when every well educated, good earning person take the responsibility of one single poor child then how many children will get education and basic human rights. At last we all are the children of Adam A.S. So start doing little activities to help the poor ones. As we all know, tiny drops of water together makes the colossal sea.

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