You talked about JSON, but you mentioned ION is lighter and more flexible than several other data…
Brandon m

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your comment, good points. Here are two other advantages of ION;

1) No schema required to parse the file

2) ION also works well with binary data which protobuf is not so great at (as far as I remember)

Over coming weeks we`ll be publishing new benchmarks that hopefully can give you more convincing answers about ION, but in meantime please feel free to check out ION vs Other Formats .

By the way, are you currently using or considering to use any data streaming tech/service such as AWS Kinesis or Kafka? If you have a spare minute, we would really appreciate if you can complete our Streaming Survey. In return we`ll get you in the VIP list with free account when we launch our streaming service in the coming weeks.

Many thanks again!

Bambordé Baldé