A Gentleman of all the Gentlemen

Been surrounded by intimidating and Kind men is not a new thing for me since my family men tend to be all-Alpha males. And then I saw Edhi, I did see him, a transparent,gentle, exquisite angel or was he a man? And this very man changed the concept of what is a man’’ for me. He used to ponder on his existance, the faith, the journey and it was not just the thoughts, he was 1000 times a more practical person than you or me ever could be. A child with a soul of saint, helping and healing, working and feeding, struggling and spreading love. A person of all the persons indeed. He did it, didnot talk about it. It was like his heart was made of endearment for people, it saddened to see people suffering. The golden heart was worked by iron hands and things that were achieved need no introduction. He is the person who found his passion, who acknowledged him and acknowledged his Lord. He was the one, who became self awared, who fed his life to the people and not what!

Amal and Edhi’s ideology is undeniably very same, helping those in need by dignified and discerning ‘’amal’’of humans. I found what it takes truly to be called a gentleman and surely a gentle soul.

What is the use of gold blocks placed in a locker you can not access? Its totally useless and frustrating as hell. So are your precious, lovely thoughts placed in your beautiful head. If they are locked there, they are like non-existent. I came to know it when I had certain unpleasant experiences in life. You must say it, communicate it, no one can realize the purity of your emotions or that love you have privately placed in your heart. Man! you gotta let it out. The challenging and startup tasks were:

  1. I had to land at a competition at Mitef, a prestigious forum for youth and I did get selected at the pleasant yet sensational Arfa tower, although it was way tough to qualify for it. But I had to make most out of my summer and try my luck, ofcourse! Btw I was also falling for this utterly captivating depression of NO USE, hence it proved as a knighthood and saved me totally.
  2. I had to give a pitch and an introduction to totally alien people from various corners of Pakistan. It sounded nerve wrecking as hell and felt too for a small time
  3. And importantly, a solid business idea for the competition and so brainstorming did make sense.

First was done, second was done with Lord’s mercy and I did not have a heart attack on stage. I did deliver a nice speech though. Third was very demanding and my team did came with the perfect idea. So, all of them are the story of this very week.

So, I learned and learned, I fell and I stood up, and the life went on. I came to know that I am the enemy and I am the soldier of my own battle. And as long as we are on the battle grounds, we must struggle and fight, live each moment to its fullest! You are not coming back to this position you are now in today. So live and let others live!

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