Surfing: the best diversion I could have. The extrovert corporeal and the introvert sentiment of me confounded in this bustle. For the past six (6) months, I had nothing to do except surfing. I am, no well-off, however, I am one of the offspring of a multi-billionaire man and a multi-awarded physician. Money was never an issue in our family, but TIME lacks most of our memoirs.

My dad gave the best tutelage I could ever have, while my mother gave-out all her support for us, including my two elder sisters and 2 younger sisters. They signed the papers of divorce when I was six. Back in the days, I hang around with my father’s flank, I see mom every vacations. Then, I meet my sisters once in a while, we do not have a close-relationship.

And so, years had passed, we grew inadvertently, and by design with very good grades and line of work. I have everything I could ask for but a part of me was still mislaid.

After six months of fooling around, my mother gave a call. Nothing special was made on that day, so I was curious and dumfounded. There were only two words that my mother uttered; “GO HOME.” I packed my things, booked a flight and arrived to my mother’s crib after four hours.

There was a trembling feeling when I was about to enter her house, I never felt this way before. Then again, I entered and saw my sisters, mother and ex-girlfriend with a baby boy on her hand. We broke up a year ago and I decided to make on my own after she dumped me. Mother said, “Welcome home sweetie, meet your son.”

And it bogged me, “Son? How on earth I got a son? How and when? Alexis dumped me before and never contacted.” Alexis replied, “Sorry for not telling you about this child, Luke.” As I heard the baby’s laugh, I felt an altered feeling, alright, I’m have an offspring now, although his given name was Paulino, I called him, BEN.

Alexis and I never contacted after she gave Ben to me, she married her Jamaican partner and they have a lovely kinfolk at present. Ben grew up with me, I tried to be the best parent, father, buddy and coach. I taught Ben about everything and he was just like me, as most people said. I did not even intent to have my lifetime partner as well, Ben was enough for me.

After 11 years, I found Ben to be different from what he was. His mental abilities were different, his physique as well, he has curly hair and bolder eyes but Alexis and I have straight hair and slanted eyes. How come?

I tried to communicate with Alexis on Facebook, and told her all the virtuous things about Ben (Paulino.) I told her about his school triumphs, on how he was competent to top the chess club but I was doubting if Alex was good in chess. I was waiting for her answer; hours, days and weeks passed. Got no reply from her. Then, couple of months after, Alexis replied, “I’m sorry for everything, Luke.”

Then I found myself deplorable.

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