I was young and starry eyed once,

My purpose was simple, a dream, an ambition, endless possibilities in my future.

Too many ‘talents’ just there within my reach,

Totally convinced that whatever path I threaded in life I was going to end up happy and successful.

But you see, suddenly I’ve been awakened,

I realize that I’ve been dreaming as life passed me by.

The truth shook me and now I can see,

That I am just one person.

One voice,

Attempting to stand out from the crowd.

A crowd with a million other voices that sound exactly like mine and

Somehow I have fallen amidst the laughter that surrounds me,

Laughter that is sometimes deafening.

With time quietly slipping by,

I’ve been sitting, expecting my silence to bring change without reason

Tomorrow comes, and then again it goes,

My ambition to become something more grows,

Now, I have realized that I don’t know everything,

That I can’t expect to be young forever,

That I won’t see all of the places I wish to go,

And slowly but surely the rest of the crowd is starting to see that I don’t belong,

I’m just standing here amongst them,

Watching and perfecting all of their moves,

Chanting words I don’t know their meaning along with them,

That I am nothing but a scam artist.

A scam artist trying to find myself,

or something to base my life upon.


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