Shift a Gear, Cause Winter’s Here

It’s December already and like yourself, your car also needs a thorough care for the winter season. Don’t worry. ZAIUTO is here to help you 24x7 with its efficient services in case you face any car troubles.

a. Daya! Pata karo gaadi ki battery kaise khatam hui!

For the headstrongs, it can be steering beating fun. Otherwise, a curse. The cold breeze can suck the battery’s life upto 50%. Make sure the battery connections aren’t corroded and the water levels are right. A car battery is said to last about 4–5 years. So, if you’re approaching that timeline, be on the safe side and get it tested.

b. Dimaag aur gaadi, kabhi fuse nahi honi chahiye

Imagine you’re getting late for work and driving a newly-bought car. But it suddenly stops in between the road. This could’ve been because of faulty electricals. The cold weather puts unusual demands on the charging system. So get it checked as soon as possible.

c. Gaadi Ki Batti Jali Ya Nahi

In this smoggy weather, the dirt and dust can quickly settle on lights, reducing their visibility. You also need to factor in longer night hours & shorter days. So, keep checking and cleaning your lights regularly.

d. Thanda matlab gaadi ka radiator

A car’s coolant system mainly known as the radiator, is not only designed to keep your engine from overheating, but it’s also responsible for protecting it against corrosion. Before the weather gets too cold, make sure you are using coolant that has the proper mix of antifreeze and water. A 50–50 mixture of antifreeze and water works best. All aboard the Titanic!!

e. Wiper bole toh ekdum ready

Windshield wipers are your saviors during the foggy mornings. So, make sure they’re in tip-top shape. Wiping rubber will wear down over time. It’s advisable to change itevery year, since they’re relatively easy to replace yourself. Or if you are a daredevil, you can ask Jesus to take the wheel. Your pick!

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