Summer 2K15

The summer of 2015 was one of change, adventure, but most of all fun. Though my internship kept me constantly on the road and experiencing my first summer away from home, nothing kept our family from getting the lead out and having fun. With just May and August (I was gone for June and July), I’m still astounded at how much we were able to accomplish, and how much we all grew.

From no-hitters to rafting, from baseball to concerts, we took full advantage for one last ride, one last chance for family fun. With my graduation coming faster and faster, the reality set in that this would probably be the last time we’d all be together for months at a time. Sure there’ll always be breaks, holidays, and visits, but it’s not the same. And whether we admit it or not, it was obvious that all of us put out just that little extra effort to enjoy the time, enjoy the adventure, and live it up.

The tradition whenever I get home or leave for BC. Starting the summer off right!
Absolutely beautiful view in North Carolina for our white water rafting trip! You could see for miles from our cabin porch.
Action shot of Tyler riding his bike! So proud of him for finally learning!
Great day at Nationals Park! Max Scherzer with the no hitter, one hit batter shy of a perfect game!
This is why Virginia Beach will always be my home. Can’t beat sunsets on the boat!
Nothing beats summer ball! This field in Chesapeake is still one of the nicest I’ve ever played on.
Having a blast at our cousin Sarah’s wedding! You can probably tell we’re no the most photogenic bunch…
Keith Urban Concert! Man he can shred!
The view from our hotel in Myrtle Beach was phenomenal!
Hines Boys together again for our helicopter tour over Myrtle Beach! One last adventure to cap off the summer!
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