To Be A Product Manager | Day 1

This journal helps me improve 1% every day…

Welcome to Day 1 of

To Be A Product Manager

I am a recent grad, and I was inspired by so many great product people around me, to document what you learned and accomplished every day. It might seem useless and you might feel bored doing so at the very beginning, but in the long term, you can outperform most of people who just go with the flow and never push themselves to think and act proactively.

I have no idea what this might look like if I keep documenting every day after I get off the work. The worst case scenario is I have zero followers, zero views, but I can have at least a bunch of words help me remember what I did and learned on each day.

James Altucher mentioned in his podcast,

I never make Todo list, but I make IDid list.

I think I just need to start documenting. So on this Friday night, the first week of my career, also my first week of being a product manager, I decide to write, let’s see how long I can keep doing this.


  • Finished VR mobile app product research.
  • Meeting with Aaron F from SU.


The challenges I am facing today is the same as yesterday. I had a call with my product director, talking about the research I’d already done during the past few days, and she gave me a lot of advice on how to go deeper and see the real logic of a product, not just what on the surface. Everybody can do that, but not many people can dig into the core of a product and learn from the truth. And the easiest way to do this is to start pay attention to the details of a product or feature.

I thought about these words almost every other hour today, and I finally decided to redo my research again even if I only have half Friday and a weekend before I need to submit the file. (And now I’m still spending the time documenting hah 😂 )

What I Accomplished & Learned

  • Finished 4 mobile apps detailed research.
It helps me set the tone for the rest 21 apps, so I believe it saves a lot of time for me.
  • Meeting with Aaron F| Fantastic
It’s weird, but I felt so much better and motivated once I had the Skype call with him. A good conversation really makes you day, for sure!
  • Decided to start my journal of being a product manager
This is so far the boldest and fastest decision I make in 2017. Inspired by others, made myself a project icon and picture, and post my first post.

This weekend is going to be intense! Inspired by Tim Ferriss “4-hour” theory, I also asked myself,

why I can’t finish this research in 4 hours instead of a week?
what I will do if I’m pointed by a gun to ask me finish this in 4 hours?

I will let you guys know how I do on Monday.

Have an epic weekend!


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