To Be A Product Manager | Day 10

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Welcome to Day 10 of

To Be A Product Manager

Today is intense. This is the last work day before the biggest traditional Chinese holiday, Lunar New Year. I had 2 phone call meetings in the morning, started at 8:00AM, and ended at 10:00AM.

Despite the connection error and problems, I just don’t enjoy this process. I’m not a visual guy, but I just don’t feel like this way of communicating is type of my tea. And it’s not that productive, everybody knows that.

We discussed our product mockup and design, specifically about WeChat html page and in-app transition, with our American team.

Then I went to office for another meeting at 11:00AM. We focused on CMS (Content Management System) Version 1.0, discussed how we should build this system and manage content for long term development.

In the afternoon, I finished my mobile phones research and shared it with others. And now I’m writing the last journal before Chinese New Year 2017.


  • Maximize the opportunity to learn during meetings
  • Finish my mobile phones research
  • Keep my daily journal habit


The biggest challenge for me today is how to communicate with other colleagues. As I said, I just started my career and there are a ton of things I need to learn. And the reason why they hired me, not someone who have 3–5 years experience and related project, is that I love asking questions, not only for things look confusing, but questions about myself and why I do it.

So my strength at the very beginning is attitude and desire to learn and share. I didn’t talk that much during all 3 meetings, but I pay attention to what they were talking and how they phrased the sentences and words.

It’s hard to measure how you improve and what you learn during this process, but I’m pretty sure it takes time and you are improving day by day.

This is a must for all new recent graduate.

Happy New Year and I will see you on Feb 4.


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